1/8 Scale Roof Light Bar
5" Long x 1" Wide
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1/8 Scale Police Roof Light Bar
12 LED's with a single one Pattern
Water proof clear roof top
5" Inch's long x 1" Inch wide

Connect to a 9v battery or to your 3rd channel receiver for power.

(4) 3" Inch zip ties
(2) Wire/Cable Holders (ONLY WITH THE R/B)
(2) Screws
(2) Plastic housings for the screws
(2) Washer
(2) Nuts 
(2) small screws for battery housing  
(1) 9v Battery snap with connecter 
(1) 9v Battery holder
(1) Universal connector for you 3rd channel receiver
(1) Instruction Manuel

Color Choices available below
All Orange
All Blue

1/8s Roof Light Bar