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1/10 Scale Roof Light Bar Square
4" Long x 1" Wide
Working voltage: 4.8 - 6 Volts
Flashing mode works: 7 kinds of flashing modes
Mode 1: Power default mixed flashing modes, each mode with one cycle
Mode 2: All lights off
Mode 3: Left and Right LED flash alternatively
Mode 4: Left and Right LED flash alternatively quickly
Mode 5: All the lights flash
Mode 6: Lights flash back & forth inside and outside remote control
Mode 7: Lights flash rapidly back & forth inside & outside remote control

Remote control way: Plug the light bar connector to the 3rd channel on the receiver, if you have a high and low feature, then put the trim level to 50% high or if you have a Left or right feature then put the trim to the right 50%, then use the 3rd channel switch on your transmitter to toggle between the patterns or to turn them on or off.

ALL RED     
ALL BLUE           
1/10 KST - 5 Light Bar